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Our practice is derived from Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg ... writing spontaneously in the flow.





CCWE Sponsors monthly morning writing sessions and semi-annual workshops. Join our email list for updates and notifications about our events. Visit our Event Calendar so see what is happening this month!


The Chaffee County Writers Exchange
fosters writing and encourages publication
through the sharing of resources
and information.



Based in central Colorado, the Chaffee County Writers Exchange (CCWE) provides members with an opportunity to socialize and learn from others who have similiar interests in writing and publishing.

CCWE sponsors recurring writing sessions (WE Write) and workshops led by noted authors. We also exchange information about resources and activities for writers. We post information about our members' publications and achievements and provide links to their websites.


The Writers Exchange started in 1995 with nine members. Until 2002 we were affiliated with the Chaffee County Council on the Arts (CCCA). When the CCCA restructured and became the Arkansas Valley Art Council, our organization separated from the parent organization and obtained our own identity as the Chaffee County Writers Exchange. Our group now has about 75 members and 164 subscribers. Writers from outside Chaffee County are also welcome to participate in our activities.

Pictured top right is Jennifer Sweete, CCWE Board President, at the Independent Booksellers Day at the Next Page Books & Nosh in Frisco, CO.

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