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  May 13, 2019, Jan Ohmstede retired technical writer and CCWE Secretary, creative writer, and a member of Shavano and Columbine Poets. The topic of "Spring Forward" launched us into spring with fresh ideas, perspectives, inspiration for renewed energy and new “starts” to set our spring and summer writing into motion. 

  March 9, 2019, Don Owens, Writer, Blogger, Construction Project Manager & Estimator, and CCWE Member: "BYOB - Bring You Own Book." We played a writing game using random books, announcing a variety of writing prompts to use these books, and writing mini-chapters. Each prompt triggered a book exchange for a creative, interactive, startled laughter: Great way to start a weekend!

  February 2, 2019, Stephanie Frykholm has been writing with the Writers Exchange community for two decades or more. For her, writing practice is the thing that sets her free from the tyranny of perfectionism in both her writing and her life! "Groundhog Day Writing: Will You See Your Shadow?" Because this was Groundhog's Day Stephanie used the obvious themes of shadow, hiding, and appearance and following the Natalie Goldberg protocol for "writing practice" we unearthed the hidden dens of our creative subconscious. The best Groundhog Day ever for each of us! 

   January 14, 2019, Maria Weber, past president of CCWE, creative writer, and author of her memoir, "I'll Be There To Write the Story: A Mother -Daughter Journey Beyond Death." Maria set up "Writing By Design!" using geometrical shapes to affect us psychologically and influence our creative writing. Her research into the psychology of shapes in logo design ignited the spark for this writing session. We used ourselves as guinea pigs for writing within the shapes of Triangles, Squares, Circles and Spirals. Who knew that shapes could be so entertaining?

  December 4, 2018, Annual Cocoa-Loco Fireside Holiday Writing Session, the only WE Write each year that is Members Only. Hosted by the President, Jennifer Sweete and Membership Chair, Maria Weber with a topic: "T'is the Season Yule Be Writing" - We explored our holiday Muse with a series of winding and twisting (just like Santa down the chimney!) writing prompts provided by our Membership Chair, Maria Weber. We sat by the fire, sipped hot cocoa, enjoyed a holiday potluck, and shared holiday laughter as we wrote together one last time in 2018!

  September 17, 2018, Jennifer Sweete, CCWE President, Indie Author, and Award-winning Blogger. Jeni prompted us through "A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the WE Write!" We discovered tricks to insert humor into any genre of writing - even Tragedy. We wrote until our funny bones ache from laughter! Can our writing ever get us ready for some plot twisting fun?

  August 13, 2018, Laurel McHargue, Writer Extraordinaire, blogger, and author of Miss and the Waterwight series as well as so many more fun reads. This August theme was "Keep the Change" helping us to see that every day presents an opportunity for change, be it imposed from outside sources or desired from within. Laurel presented us with prompts about change--pocket and other kinds--and each of us walked away from this writing session as a changed person!

  July 28, 2018, Robin Hall, Writer Extraordinaire, CCWE Treasurer, history buff, and the writer who loves poking into Colorado and western history as well as genealogy. Robin guided us into "Emotion in Writing" as we wrote emotions into fictional or non-fictional characters that would connect with the reader. A bond can be formed between the character(s) and reader that carries them through the rest of the story. Sometimes this required us to be brutally honest with ourselves while keeping a straight face and sharing with the reader!

  May 19, 2018, Jennifer Sweete, Indie author, award-winning blogger, and CCWE President and also CMT, Reiki Master, and all around caring human being in search of the ridiculous, the sublime, and the missing pieces to life's puzzle. Jeni amp'd up our writing with "Time Traveling Visionaries" while we did a traverse of time and space using creativity, wit and some of Knatia Parson's Time Traveling writing prompts. Were any of us prepared to enter the twilight zone dimension of uncontrollable laughter?

  April 16, 2018, Don Owens, Writer, Blogger, Twitter, LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Accredited Professional), Reiki Master, semi-retired construction Project Manager. Don used a theme of "Fiction - Short Story Smorgasbord." In this WE Write writing session each writer took the beginning of an actual short story  that Don provided and challenged us to contribute to the story, then we passed it on to our neighbor who in turn added their contribution, and so on. We discovered how to bring the story to a close and how far from the original story we creatively strayed! 

  March 12, 2018, Marge Dorfmeister, author, humorist and musician, graduated from U. of Wisconsin (Madison) as a Journalism major in 1967. When family circumstances dictated that she move to Colorado, the rarefied air turned her into a playwright, poet and watercolorist. She taught Creative Writing  for Colorado Mountain College for 10 years and was a founding member of The Writers Exchange. Marge prompted us with "Test Your Powers of Observation." Amazingly enough we were able to do a deep dive into exploring, expanding and embellishments through a variety of writing prompts.

  January 8, 2018, Jean Gabardi, retired telecom and PM Consultant: "Welcome 2018!" Taking a deep breath, a few hours for ourselves, and some fun writing prompts we stepped into 2018.  A good time was had by all with comfortable readings, shared laughter, and interactive device prompts. 2018...we did a real kick off!  

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   August 14, 2017, Laurel McHargue, author of many wonderful books and an awesome e-newsletter, led us in a smorgasbord of writing. We will cherish our spatulas forever thanks to Laurel and attendee Jean Gabardi!

   July 15, 2017, Jan Ohmstede, a former ECE Special Ed. teacher, speech pathologist, technical and grant writer and since 2013, creative writer, led us in the topic "Go with the Flow."

   June 12, 2017, Cary Unkelbach, a life-long dog lover, lawyer, blogger, and past CCWE President, led us in the topic of "The Meaning of Summer." 

   April 17, 2017, Jennifer Sweete, Indie Author, Award-Winning Blogger, and CCWE President, led us in the topic of "Memory Lane" -

   March 20, 2017, Judy Hiatt, former travel writer and author of Cabbage: Cures to Cuisine, AND CCWE Vice President (pro temore) led us in the topic of "Recipes for Writing." 

   February 11, 2017, Barbara Ford, prolific writer and poet who hosts a weekly poetry show on KHEN 106.9 FM, Poets and Minstrels Barbara led us in the topic of "The Love of Writing about Love."

   January 14th, 2017, Stephanie Frykholm, Life-long writer in love with words and the creative writing process led us in the topic: "New Year's Muse: What's Incubating in Your Writer's Mind?" 

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