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Based in Central Colorado since 1995, the CC Writers Exchange fosters writing and encourages publication through the sharing of resources critique sessions, and information. (more)

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These WW sessions usually meet on the Zoom platform. Each session has time allotted at start for general discussion, writing updates, events. We start the WW sessions at 6 p.m. (MT) and are always done by 8 p.m..


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One Workshop You Can't Miss!

Award-winning author Thomas K. Carpenter and marketing director Rachel J. Carpenter present “Marketing in the Digital Age,” a workshop on how to navigate the dynamic digital marketing environment.

Join us on October 8 (9:00 - 3:00) at the Sangre de Cristo Electric Association in Buena Vista (The Salida Regional Library is our backup location.) Cost is $30 for CCWE members and $45 for non-members. 


This workshop is an in-person, educational event designed to give participants an overview of basic marketing principles for indie publishing.  The instructors will go over various concepts listed in the deliverable section and include some hands-on work.  Participants should leave the workshop with an improved understanding of the marketing environment in indie publishing and new tools they can use immediately to improve their book sales. 


After attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Make informed decisions about good cover design and how to work with a designer on meeting the needs of your book

  • Understand the basics of covers, blurbs, series, and other factors important for book marketing

  • Confidently decide if you should be Amazon Exclusive or Wide (All retailers)

  • Identify and select effective low-cost methods of marketing (newsletter builders, promotions, etc.)

  • Choose among promotional sites to increase sales (and know the ones to avoid)

  • Effectively use your newsletter to grow your sales long-term

  • Understand the basics of the higher-end tools of marketing like FB Ads, Direct Sales, Kickstarter, etc.


Thomas K. Carpenter is a full-time writer living in Buena Vista, CO.  He has an MBA from Lindenwood University.   He's published over fifty novels; sold dozens of short stories to professional markets like EQMM, Galaxy's Edge, and Audible Originals; produced anthologies; and written tie-in fiction for gaming companies.  He's been independent publishing since 2010 and sold over 250,000 copies of his books through various markets. 

Rachel J. Carpenter is the marketing director for Black Moon Books (the publisher of Thomas K. Carpenter's books).  She has effectively run multiple newsletters and has many years of experience in graphic design, website design, online and print ad creation, author branding, and content editing.

Again, cost for members is $30 (non-members pay $45) and you can pay online through the PayPal button below.

If you would like to pay with a check, please send the appropriate amount to: 

CCWE (Marketing Workshop)

PO Box 1640

Salida, CO 81201 

Please pay in advance as we will not accept payments at the door.

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Colorado Gold Conference

CCWE Authors on the prowl: Linda Ditchkus, Cam Torrens, and Laurel McHargue

CCWE Writers In the News
hudon book.jpg

Last weekend, we three CCWE writers ventured east to Denver for the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Conference. What an opportunity to learn the craft, mingle with kindred spirits, and promote our work.

Each of us arrived packing samples of our writing and a pitch at the ready. All of us received positive feedback and an invitation to provide more. Linda Ditchkus, however, was the only one to have her work (The Sasquatch series) mentioned four times in Saturday's keynote address!

The keynote speakers were fabulous. Katherine Center (The Bodyguard) had us rolling with tales of her first book, a piece of fan fiction on Duran Duran which she wrote in 6th grade. The second night’s author was David L. Robbins (Isaac’s Beacon). What a storyteller! He meandered from his late father’s favorite episode of Knight Rider to a suspenseful tale of his upset stomach on a public bus in remote Turkey.

The seminars were great and most of the speakers provided copies of their handouts here. If you are interested in attending next year (or just want to take advantage of the great resources RMFW provides) consider joining at the link here. See you there next year!

laurel robbins.jpg

More congratulations due to CCWE writers!

We previously lauded CCWE authors Nancy Oswald and Joni Franks for their CIPA EVVY Finalist status. Now here are the results for these two, as well as for Paul Hudon and Jerry Fabyanic:

Silver Medals:

Nancy Oswald (Juvenile Fiction) for Bats, Bandits, & Buggies

Jerry Fabyanic (Anthology) for Food for Thought (Jerry is not a member, but has provided CCWE authors writing opportunities for his next anthology)

Bronze Medals:

Joni Franks (Animals/Pets/Nature) for her book Corky Tails: Tales of a Tailless Dog Named Sagebrush, Sagebrush and the Disappearing Dark Sky

Joni Franks (Women’s Fiction) for her book The Crooked Forest, Legacy of the Holey Stone

Joni Franks (General Illustration) for The Crooked Forest, Legacy of the Holey Stone

Paul Hudon (Self Help—General Relationships) for A Complete Life, Discovering Your Authentic Self

CCWE Author Laurel McHargue’s flash fiction piece Gift Horses has been selected to go live on October 28th on


How about CCWE and our talented writers making a splash? Make sure and congratulate them at the workshop on Oct 8!

Best-selling author David L. Robbins and multi-genre CCWE author Laurel McHargue making sure the conference stays "PG."

Writing Critique Sessions
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